Brian Shea

Brian Shea, CFP®, EA, Shea Financial Advisors

Brian started his financial planning firm in 1997. After being in business for about a year, he realized his firm was “dying on the vine.” He needed a kick start and turned to ACP. He knew of ACP through industry articles and its presence within NAPFA. After joining ACP in 1998 and completing the training program, Brian found immediate results, most notably in his ability to retain clients much more effectively.

He learned how to convey his value as a financial planner to prospective clients and to get paid what he is worth. Brian also realized that it would be a tall task to “reinvent the wheel” of running a financial planning business without the support and infrastructure that ACP provides. The tax-centric base of the ACP model appealed to him as he was already considering offering tax preparation services. Now, as a seasoned member, he values the relationships he has established with other members. He states that they keep him on the “straight and narrow” and don’t let him wander too far off the beaten path.

Admittedly Brian has an analysis-oriented personality. You’ll notice his frequent posts on the discussion forum on taxes, retirement planning, and distribution rules as he has taken the time and the effort to learn the ins and outs of these issues. Rest assured that if he answers one your posts he has researched the topic thoroughly. Another big contribution to ACP is his Investment Returns spreadsheet that he updates every year.