Stackup Risk

ACP members who subscribe to Stackup Risk will receive:

  • ACP Annual Discount Pricing

Total ACP Subscriptions



ACP Solo

ACP Firms (2-5 advisors)

1 to 15 advisors





16 to 29 advisors





30+ advisors





  • Net Zero Cost Switch - Stackup Risk will honor the remainder of existing contracts (up to 12 months) with another risk profiling provider for ACP members, making a net zero cost for ACP members to switch.  Free months will activate after the same number of paid months have elapsed.

ACP members who subscribe to Stackup Risk by August 31, 2019, will also receive:

  • Exclusive Plan Upgrade – All current ACP members who subscribe to the Stackup Risk solo subscription plan by August 31, 2019, will receive an automatic upgrade to the firm plan, providing access to setup support, website integration, client lead generation tools, custom portfolios, and white labeling.  On signup, simply choose the firm plan and get in touch with Stackup Risk to apply the offer. 

Stackup Risk takes a modern academically validated approach to risk profiling that focusses on more than just optimal asset allocation.  Helping you retain and gain clients is at the core of the offering through dynamic educational reports and lead capture tools.  The platform is also fully white labeled with your logos and colors to appear as an extension of your firm.