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Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) is a diverse community of fee-only financial planners passionately dedicated to serving clients first. We are a professional community of advisors who use a suite of proprietary financial planning tools and processes that have been refined over more than 20 years. Our members are trained in the acclaimed ACP System™: a retainer-based financial planning system for high client retention, consistent cash flow, and profitability. We believe in comprehensive planning services using a turnkey system with no product sales; but we are more than just a training system, we are a community.

Passionately dedicated to superb client service, ACP planners’ only source of income is client retainer fees – not commissions. With an ACP planner, you can be confident you’re getting experience, knowledge, research, and most importantly, advice that is tailored just for you.

Learn how lives like yours are transformed with financial guidance from an ACP financial planner. Click here to find an advisor in America's leading community of independent financial planners committed to success through our ethics and innovation.

Whether you are building a new practice or transforming an existing one, our proven model – the ACP System™ – enables you to be a more effective financial planner and successful business owner. ACP members have access to the tools, processes, resources, and support to develop and operate successful fee-only financial planning practices within an innovative and collaborative community.
Sharing wisdom. Growing wealth. Transforming lives. Building ideal practices. To learn more, click here to request more information today.

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  • Divorce Team

    You’re going through a divorce. You may feel that you’re watching your life crumble, including your finances. It’s tempting to want to save money by doing it all yourself. Whether ending the marriage was your idea or not, it’s a time when you’ll be making big decisions that are different than any decisions you’ve ever […]
  • Sallie Krawcheck, a former executive at Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney, wrote a piece for The Washington Post about why the retirement savings crisis is also a women’s crisis and provided startling figures to back up this assertion. Americans of all kinds have not saved enough for retirement and current data were calculated to include […]

    © Clarity Financial Planning. Many Women Face Retirement Savings Crisis is a post from: Bring Clarity to Your Finances™

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