Sheila Padden

Sheila Padden, CFP®, CPA/PFS, Padden Financial Planning LLC

Sheila’s journey to becoming an ACP member and financial advisor began at home. The founder of Padden Financial Planning in Chicago, Sheila has been a licensed CPA for over 25 years. She began her career as a tax professional for a Big 4 firm before stepping away from the corporate world to raise her four children. During that time she delved into other areas of interest, including running an upscale golf apparel business with a friend. Sheila was also in charge of the family finances and became frustrated that advisors did not see the big picture. “How do we pay for college? What is the best approach from a tax perspective? What about an investment strategy?” No one could bring it all together.

This was the spark that led Sheila to become a financial advisor and ACP member.

After completing Northwestern University's Certified Financial Planning Program and passing the rigorous 10-hour CFP exam, Sheila knew that she would re-focus her career on Personal Financial Planning. At a NAPFA conference, Sheila learned about fee-only practice models, met amazing fee-only advisors, and felt relieved that she could continue working as a trusted advisor and not sell commission-laden products. An ACP member suggested she take a look at what ACP had to offer. She did, and the ACP System™ provided the structure she needed to succeed.

“What I was looking for was the ability to become a comprehensive advisor, and ACP did not disappoint. I never could have navigated the process without ACP. From the nuts and bolts of getting started, to the nuances of doing it right, it’s all there.”

While Sheila contends that the ACP Success Program was critical, she credits the ACP community with providing the support she needed to excel. “ACP members are salt-of-the-earth people, they walk the walk and are willing to take others along with them.”

To sum up her thoughts about ACP, Sheila explains that there are not many comprehensive practitioners who look at every aspect of a client’s financial life in detail. “ACP members are truly doing it.”