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ACP Certified Members Rorik Larson and Susan Einberger were both featured in GOBankingRates in an article titled 'Here Are 5 Retirement Tax Surprises You Must Prepare For', where they offer tips to prepare for hidden (or not-so-hidden) tax-related surprises that might be in store for retirees. https://www.gobankingrates. com/taxes/tax-laws/accountant- retirement-tax-surprises-you- must-prepare-for/
ACP Certified Member Zach Teutsch was named to Financial Planning Magazine's 2023 class of Rising Stars. The annual award celebrates young professionals and career changers who are advancing the profession through their accomplishments and contributions to the community of advisors and clients across the country. plannings-2023-rising-stars- award-winners
ACP Certified Member Elizabeth Buffardi was featured in NBC Chicago in an article titled 'Student loan payments resume: Experts give tips, address most-asked questions'. Elizabeth offers smart money management tips as student loan repayments resume, like putting savings and payments on auto pay, cutting back on unnecessary spending, and more. news/local/student-loan- payments-resume-experts-give- tips-address-most-asked- questions/3240923/
ACP Certified Member Michelle Morris was featured in the January/February 2024 AARP Bulletin in an article titled 'You and your 3% Mortgage -- Strategies for a low-rate home loan in a high-rate world'. The article discusses whether you should pre-pay or pay off the mortgage vs. using that cash to invest, particularly in bonds: "Bond yields have come down from recent highs, but are still higher than they've been in years," says Michelle Morris, a financial planner with Brio Financial Planning in Quincy, Massachusetts. "Instead of prepaying a mortgage costing 3 percent, use the cash to buy a Treasury bond ladder paying more." ...
The 2023 ACP conference was recapped in a Best Stocks article on the significance of financial planning conferences, discussing the speakers and sponsors at the conference, the ACP podcast, and other highlights from ACP conferences. seizing-opportunities- financial-planning- conferences/
The ACP Annual Conference was featured in Michael Kitces' List Of "The Best Financial Advisor Conferences To Attend In 2024", listed in the section on "Going 'Home' To Your Advisor Community". The 2023 conference will take place November 7-10 in Spokane. 2024-best-financial-advisor- conferences-list-fpa-norcal- t3-futureproof-elevate-xypn/
ACP Member and current President Sheila Padden was interviewed by Marie Swift of Impact Communications for a special Q&A video published in Citybiz, where the two discuss Sheila's backstory, what to look for in a financial planner, what the "fiduciary standard" means, her advice for other financial planners or other professionals looking to get into the industry, her role as President of ACP, the upcoming ACP annual conference, and more. article/112159/marie-swift- interviews-sheila-padden- founder-padden-financial- planning-and-president- alliance-of-comprehensive- planners/
A handful of NAPFA’s longtime friends who appreciate the value that NAPFA adds to the world of financial planning shared their experiences working with NAPFA and NAPFA advisors in this Q&A article. Marie Swift of Impact Communications talks about her work with NAPFA and other fiduciary organizations over the years, including ACP. napf-nwl/articles/index.asp? aid=795992&issueID=94964
Certified ACP member Zach Teutsch was featured in this Financial Planning magazine article covering the first private equity fund launched by impact investment startup Uplifting Capital, which drew $18.5 million in client assets toward sustainable infrastructure and socially responsible businesses. Teutsch weighed in with insights on the potential for private impact investments. invest-18-5m-in-uplifting- capitals-first-fund?utm_ campaign=editorial-content& utm_medium=organic&utm_source= linkedin
The 2023 ACP Annual Conference, taking place November 7-10 in Spokane, was featured in Michael Kitces' Master List Of Financial Advisor Conferences For 2023-2024: "One of the premier events for fiduciary advisors dedicated to tax-focused, fee-only financial planning." list-top-financial-advisor- conferences-ranked-best/
ACP was mentioned in Liz Weston's monthly column in the Los Angeles Times, in a section titled 'Finding an affordable fee-only financial advisor'. ACP was mentioned alongside XYPN and Garrett Planning Network as good organizations and resources to find planners who charge retainer fees. business/story/2023-10-15/you- might-have-unclaimed- retirement-benefits-how-to- find-them
In our latest press release, ACP recently shared more details about the upcoming 2023 ACP Annual Conference, which will take place November 7-10, 2023 at The Davenport Grand in Spokane, Washington, including keynote presentations, breakout sessions and other speakers, sponsors, and more, plus shared highlights and resources from the 2022 Annual Conference. news-releases/alliance-of- comprehensive-planners-acp- announces-details-of-2023- annual-conference-301931313. html
ACP Member Irfan Bhabhrawala was the featured guest on the October 2023 episode of the NAPFA Nation Podcast, a monthly podcast with inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the fee-only financial planning profession. Among other things, Irfan shares how he became a fiduciary financial planner and discusses why the fiduciary standard is so important, shares how ACP has helped his practice, and discusses the support, community, and resources that ACP has provided. https://napfamindsetmastery. change-success-how-a-tech- consulting-and-academics-pro- became-a-fiduciary-financial- advisor-with-irfan- bhabhrawala-episode-10-of- ...
ACP was mentioned and certified members Miriam Whiteley and Fran Goldman were featured in this article from Financial Planning magazine discussing advisors that are participating in pro bono planning. financial-advisors-can-help- with-pro-bono-advice
ACP was mentioned and certified members Miriam Whiteley and Fran Goldman were featured in this article from Financial Planning magazine discussing advisors that are participating in pro bono planning. financial-advisors-can-help- with-pro-bono-advice
ACP Certified Member Keith Spencer was quoted in NerdWallet on ' How to Set and Vet Money Goals Midyear', sharing how opening a separate savings account for each specific goal can help: “Whether it’s saving for a home improvement, vacation or wanting to pay off the mortgage sooner, I find it helpful to set up a dedicated account for that so it’s more tangible."
ACP Certified Member Keith Spencer was featured in ThinkAdvisor sharing tips on what to do when your pre-retiree clients need to save more, including maxing out your health savings account, maxing out your 401(k) or other employer retirement plan, maxing out a Roth IRA, and more. 2022/08/30/how-to-help- clients-catch-up-on- retirement-savings-advisors- advice/
ACP Certified Member Keith Spencer was featured in Barron's speaking on fintech solutions, including financial planning software Income Lab. advisor/articles/best-tech- solutions-advisors-51650392655
ACP Certified Member Keith Spencer was quoted in CBS News on h ow your home equity is affected by home prices, sharing information on home equity loans and a HELOC. how-your-home-equity-is- affected-by-home-prices-why- now-is-a-good-time-to-borrow/
ACP Certified Member Keith Spencer was quoted in Kiplinger on c hoosing between look-alike ETFs and mutual funds: "My basic rule of thumb is to use ETFs in taxable brokerage accounts." investing/choosing-between- look-alike-etfs-and-mutual- funds
ACP Certified Member Keith Spencer was quoted in CBS News on u sing home equity to pay off debt: "If you pay off those personal loans, but don't change your behavior and spending habits, you could end up in the same position later by adding more and more debt." using-home-equity-to-pay-off- debt-do-this/
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in a column from the Los Angeles Times in a section on how to find a fiduciary advisor, where ACP is listed as an organization of fee-only financial advisors. business/story/2023-06-18/how- to-get-a-debt-collector-to- stop-calling-about-a-bogus- bill
Sheila Padden, 2023 President of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, was featured in this article published in the Washington Post, Yahoo! Finance, and more, discussing how people can simplify their financial life and reduce money clutter. https://www.washingtonpost. com/business/2023/05/29/ nerdwallet-liz-weston-money- clutter/1da7b000-fe10-11ed- 9eb0-6c94dcb16fcf_story.html news/liz-weston-5-ways- simplify-110155076.html
Certified ACP Member Morgan Ranstrom wrote this article on the blog titled " Dear Advisors: Stop Building To Sell ", discussing the importance of 'right-sizing' your practice and advocating for advisors to stop building their businesses to sell and to instead downside their client base and embrace a lifestyle practice . weekend-reading-for-financial- planners-may-6-7-2023/
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in an article from SmartAsset on finding CFPs and financial advisors that are independent and not affiliated with a brokerage house, listed alongside NAPFA, XYPN, and Garrett Planning Network. financial-advisor/ask-an- advisor-independent-advice