ACP in the News

Certified ACP Member Courtney Ranstrom was featured in this news release on Yahoo! Finance discussing industry trends in billing and fees, sharing why her  firm adopted a flat-fee model: "You can compete on price, or you can compete on value. You cannot compete on both. We choose to compete on value." advyzon-releases-2022-billing- fee-120000515.html
Certified ACP Member Miriam Whitely was featured in an article from Money Magazine,  discussing how claiming social security early can be a savvy move in a down market. social-security-early-can-be- a-savvy-move-in-a-down-market/
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in an article from the Los Angeles Times on 'fee based' vs. 'fee only' financial planners and was listed as an organization that represents fee-only planners. business/story/2022-10-09/fee- based-vs-fee-only-financial- planners-theres-a-big- difference
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in a CNBC article on  how to find a good financial advisor  in the wake of SEC charges, fraud, and scandals. ACP was listed as a trustworthy place to find a fee-only advisor that provides  ongoing, holistic advice and reduces exposure to conflicts of interest . 17/sec-issues-investor- protection-rule-charges-how- to-find-a-good-advisor.html
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in a series of Forbes articles exploring topics including " What Is A Fee-Only Financial Planner?", "Fiduciary vs. Financial Advisor: What’s The Difference?", "How Fiduciary Duty Impacts Financial Advisors", "What Is A CFP?", "How Much Does A Financial Advisor Cost?", "Are Financial Advisors Worth My Money?, and "Find A Financial Advisor Near You".  ACP was listed as a reliable organization and resource for consumers and investors looking for fiduciary, fee-only financial advisors. advisor/investing/financial- advisor/fee-only-financial- planner/ ...
Certified ACP Member Linda Leitz was featured in 'The Women's Issue' of InvestmentNews, in a section titled "Midlife on-ramps to advisory careers", where she discusses her career path and transition to her current role as a financial planner. https://digitaledition. 21-2022/page-2?m=62585&i= 769070&p=22&pp=1&ver=html5
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in this Kiplinger article and listed as an organization where investors can find " advice-only financial advisers", as suggested by Michael Kitces. personal-finance/advice-only- financial-advisers-dont-touch- your-money
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in an article from the Los Angeles Times,  where ACP is listed as an organization of fee-only financial advisors that charge on a retainer basis. business/story/2022-11-16/ credit-score-quirks-to-know- about-so-you-dont-hurt-your- credit-score
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Annual Conference was featured on in Michael Kitces' list of Best Financial Advisor Conferences to attend in 2023, in the category of 'Going "Home" to Your Advisor Community'.
The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was featured in an article in The Oregonian on 'fee based' vs. 'fee only' financial planners and was listed as an organization that represents fee-only planners.
ACP Member Elizabeth Buffardi was quoted in this article on  "Personal Tax Loan Implications" on the OppU Blog , sharing why p ersonal loan forgiveness is almost always considered to be taxable income . articles/personal-loan-tax- implications/
ACP Member Elizabeth Buffardi was quoted in this article on "12 ways to bank smarter" in Bankrate, sharing why you shouldn't assume your bank has the best rate or will do "right by you". banking/how-to-bank-smarter/
ACP Member Elizabeth Buffardi was quoted in this article  on taxable vs. tax-deferred accounts  in Kiplinger, sharing why  foreign stocks, even in a mutual fund or ETF, are best in taxable accounts. investing/605013/taxable-or- tax-deferred-account-how-to- pick
ACP Members Elizabeth Buffardi and Keith Spencer were both quoted in this article on high-yield savings accounts in MarketWatch, discussing how even a small rate change can make a big difference.
ACP Certified member Shonty Spatola was quoted in "Think retirement is out of reach? Here’s what you need to know" in The LA Times.
Certified member, Rorik Larson, was quoted in “ If You Are Buying an iPhone 14, Some Ways to Save on Your Wireless Bill ” in The Wall Street Journal by Veronica Dagher. In the article, Larson, an advisor in Palos Heights, Illinois, shares tips for how he personally saved on his family's phone plan. buying-iphone-14-how-to-save- money-on-phone-wireless-bill- 11662679726
InvestmentNews Senior Columnist Jeff Benjamin will moderate a lively discussion at the 2022 InvestmentNews RIA Summit with ACP Member / financial planner Courtney Ranstrom and investment manager Rick Ferri as they debate the topic of fee-based advice from opposite ends of the spectrum. Which is better: asset-based pricing or the fee model? How and what do advisors charge, and what are all the options? "The Fee Face Off" will take place  in November 2022 at the InvestmentNews  RIA Summit  in Boston. https://investmentnews. RIASummit2022/Agenda
ACP Certified member Jared Hoole   was quoted in this article in MarketWatch: Jared Hoole, a CFP and president of Lakeside Financial Planning based in Burlington, Mass., says self-employment gives him the flexibility to be with his family. One big advantage that he sees: “You’ve got the ability to control your own destiny.”
ACP Certified member Frank Corrado was quoted in this article in InvestmentNews, “The most seasoned advisers show no signs of slowing down — or retiring.” “If you define retirement as not working, I don’t think I could ever do that,” Corrado said. “Most people my age are downsizing to retirement communities and I’m putting in a whole new backyard. The two most precious resources are money and time, and as you get older, time is everything. Once you control your time, you then truly have financial freedom.”
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) has announced the featured speakers and agenda for their in-person conference this fall. The event will be held September 28-October 1, 2022 at the Hilton Minneapolis, MN. news/alliance-comprehensive- planners-announces-2022- 150900719.html
Members of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) are providing an array of tax tips to help the general public and those who are still in the midst of or finalizing their 2021 tax returns.
Certified member   Tricia Rosen  was quoted in this article in  CNBC, “ Rising inflation may increase yearly rates for I bonds. Here’s what to know. ” The writer comments that a downside of I bonds is the lack of flexibility, which makes I bonds less attractive for emergency savings you may need to access in a pinch.  “You absolutely cannot access it for a year,” said certified financial planner Tricia Rosen, principal at Access Financial Planning in Andover, Massachusetts. “It doesn’t matter how badly you need it or what horrible situation you’re in.” Moreover, if you cash in I bonds within five years, you’ll lose the previous three months of interest, she ...
Certified member, Shelia Padden was quoted in this article in The Wall Street Journal, “ Investors Flock to ‘I Savings Bonds’ for Protection Against Inflation .”  “I bonds are meant to be savings tools,” says Sheila Padden, a certified financial planner and CEO of Padden Financial Planning LLC in Chicago. “They fill a gap in a portion of one’s fixed-income portfolio. They are great for emergency funds and are also good for retirees or near-retirees as a bond ladder to supplement guaranteed income.”
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was listed in this article on “ 3 Essential Client Meeting Skills For Financial Advisors (And How To Develop Them!) ” Kitces wrote: For advisors who want to go beyond the basic skills of holding a client meeting and who want to learn an entire  system  of financial planning and client communication, there are a number of holistic planning programs that cover the entire planning process. Three programs that exemplify this approach are  The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners’ ACP Success Program ,  Money Quotient’s True Wealth Process ,  and the  Kinder Institute’s EVOKE Life Planning Training Course .
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners announced dates and location for the 2022 ACP Annual Conference, which is now scheduled for Sept 28 - Oct 1 and will be held at the Hilton Minneapolis in downtown Minneapolis.