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In this LA Times column   Which retirement option is better: Lump sum or monthly payout? , Liz Weston mentioned ACP certified members as an option for individuals to receive fee-only advice to get customized advice based on the reader’s situation.
Certified Alliance of Comprehensive Planners member, Steve Swicegood, was  interviewed by Freixys Casado for this piece from his local CBS affiliate, KFDA News Channel 10 online , “ Amarillo financial planners see more young people investing and saving ,” about younger people becoming more motivated to focus on their finances in the midst of the pandemic.
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners conference in Atlanta was mentioned among all other industry events by Jeff Benjamin in InvestmentNews in “ As Covid cancels industry events, advisers weigh attending what’s left .” The journalist included a hyperlink to the ACP website for advisors interested in learning more about ACP and attending the upcoming conference in Atlanta on October 25-28, 2021.
Certified Alliance of Comprehensive Planners member, Jared Hoole, was quoted in this article in The Wall Street Journal. by Neal Templin, “ How to Prepare Financially for the Death of a Spouse .” Hoole discusses the importance of reviewing estate plans early to avoid problems when one spouse dies unexpectedly. Here is the full article: Media_Hit_WSJ.pdf
Time for Advisors to Take Anti-Spoofing Measures? by Leo Almazora at Wealth Professional
More Fraudsters Are Impersonating Advisors: How to Protect Your Data and Your Clients By Cheryl Winokur Munk In this piece in  Barron's , ACP is mentioned, showing our leadership on this topic.
ACP Announces 2021 Annual Conference Agenda!
Certified Alliance of Comprehensive Planners member, John Scherer, was quoted in this article by Alessandra Malito in MarketWatch, “ We have $8 million saved for retirement, are in our early 50s and want to retire early, but are worried about healthcare expenses — what can we do? ,” about health insurance costs in retirement. “ “The good news is that these days with the exchange, healthcare coverage is more a matter of having an extra expense in retirement and not a matter of whether a person can get coverage in the first place,”  said Scherer.
ACP Members Provide Summer Tips for Taxpayers to Plan Ahead for 2021 Returns WILMINGTON, NC / AGILITYPR.NEWS / July 15, 2021 /   Extended Child Tax Credit, Adjusted Tax Payments, and Vacation Experiences Top the List While families explore the possibility of getting out of their homes and even travelling this summer, four certified members of the   Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP),   have provided an array of tax tips to help the general public and other advisors keep an eye towards planning for next year’s tax returns while they enjoy their vacations. A community of tax-focused financial planners who provide comprehensive planning ...
Certified ACP member, Linda Leitz, CFP® and founder of Peace of Mind Financial Planning Inc, mentioned Alliance of Comprehensive Planners in her article in Colorado Springs Gazette, “ Defining, and working toward, financial independence ”.  Leitz writes about the importance of assessing your financial life cycles. She also gives a shout out to ACP in the article!
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was mentioned in this article in Morningstar, “ Adding Project-Based Planning to Your Advisory Business ,” about project-based financial planning by Chloe Moore, CFP® at Financial Staples. Moore writes that project-based financial planning is a useful addition to a practice that can help advisors broaden their reach. She also gives a shout out to ACP in the article! Check it out now:
Certified ACP member, Zach Teutsch was interviewed in this article by Cheryl Winokur Munk, “ Growing a Healthy Practice ” in Barron’s. May 2021 . Many advisors struggle to find a niche that suits them, trying to manufacture a connection and failing as a result because they aren’t fully invested. In such cases, sales pitches and follow-throughs ultimately fall short, advisors say.  “You can’t fake it,” says Zach Teutsch, founder of Values Added Financial, an advisory firm based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on charity-oriented progressives, which reflects Teutsch’s political and personal leanings. He worked at the Consumer Financial Protection ...
Certified ACP members, Steve Martin, CFP®, CPA, JD and Rorik Larson, CFP®, EA, MBA were interviewed and quoted in this article by Daniel Kurt, “ 12 Questions Everyone Should Be Able to Answer About Their Finances”  on Hats off to Steve and Rorik for representing ACP! May 2021 .
ACP member, Tricia Rosen at Access Financial Planning, was quoted in this article by Mallika Mitra, “ The 5 Biggest Investing Mistakes Beginners Need to Avoid, According to Financial Advisors ,” in Rosen said, “While it’s great that investing has become more accessible to more people, many first-time investors are not aware of the tax consequences of trading.” May 2021 .
In this Medical Economics article,  How to find the best financial advisor for you , Jordan Rosenfeld mentioned that, if trusted colleagues or family members don’t have referrals, searching on a professional organization website, such as Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, is a good way to find an financial advisor. Check out the full article ! May 2021 .
ACP’s 2021 Annual Conference, slated for November in Atlanta, was mentioned in this article in Financial Advisor Magazine , April 2021 .
Certified ACP Member, Linda Leitz, CFP®, EA, Ph.D., CDFA, of Peace of Mind Financial Planning, was quoted in When These Advisors Hire Talent, Zoom Isn’t Enough in Leitz says that working remotely has highlighted a need for more formal, automated processes to prevent tasks from falling between the cracks. She says they’re probably a more cohesive team than they were before. Check out the full article . April 2021 .
In this LA Times column,  How the pandemic made working with a financial planner easier , Liz Weston mentioned ACP certified members as an option for individuals to receive fee-only advice, citing the positive outcome that more planners work virtually, as a result of the pandemic, April 2021 .
Seven ACP certified members were quoted in this tips-style piece, “ ACP Members Provide Tips for Taxpayers to Get the Most out of Their Returns in 2021 ,” sharing critical tips for tax preparation this year, March 2021 .
New ACP Certified Member, Tricia Rosen, CFP®, MBA, EA, was quoted in this Business Insider article, " What are the safest investments? 7 low-risk places to put your money — and what makes them so ", by Ramsay Lewis,  February 2021 .
ACP Certified member, Wesley Stien at Lodestar Financial Management, was featured in this article in, “ Rates Are Still Incredibly Low. Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?”
ACP Certified member Steve Swicegood, CFP® discusses why a retainer-based business makes sense in FPA's Next Gen magazine, read the full article here .
ACP member Forrest Baumhover was featured in Episode 209 of Financial Advisor Success podcast with Michael Kitces: Launching Your Own (Niche) Practice As A Pathway To Becoming A Partner In A Large Advisory Firm .
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Certified Member, Michelle Morris, quoted in this article “ Smart Tax Moves for Freelancers ” by Kimberly Lankford in U.S. News.
Alliance of Comprehensive Planners was mentioned in this article in Financial Planning,  As Schwab gets bigger, what’s ahead for TD’s much smaller RIAs ? Chris Wentzien, president of ACP, was quoted, along with other industry leaders and fee-only organizations.