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  • You can't live without your spouse... but will living together in retirement drive you crazy? Make sure that your retirement goes smoothly by taking these things into consideration.
  • It’s important to devote time to enhance your career and increase your earning potential. This includes working effectively in your current position and taking time to improve your skills and education to progress in your career.
  • When the Finance101 article “Why donating your travel miles is a good idea” was written,  during the holiday season last year,  some of us would have no idea that we would, in a sense, be grounded for months in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While we mourn our canceled trips and travel opportunities, we still may [] ©Bring Clarity to Your Finances™. Did You Know You Can Donate Travel Miles? is a post from Bring Clarity to Your Finances™
  • Ive been hearing that people are getting their stimulus payments in the form of an Economic Impact Payment Card instead of a check. Ive checked it out: its not a scam, its really the government trying to send you money (using MetaBank as a bizarre middleman for some reason.) Heres what you need to do [] The post How to use the Economic Impact Payment Cards appeared first on Wendy Marsden, CPA, CFP® .
  • One of the more frequent questions we get in times like this is “What do you think the markets will do?” I don’t know over the short term — seriously, not a clue. But for those seeking clarity, there’s no shortage of poo flinging monkeys who will answer that question. Just turn on the financial… [Continue] (Feed generated with FetchRSS )