Asset Dedication


Asset Dedication partners with planning-centric advisors by lifting the burden of investment management and back-office administration. Our fixed income and equity strategies are compatible with and expand upon the ACP model of dedicated portfolios and link each client’s portfolio to their lifetime financial plan via our unique Critical Path system. We also provide a full range of back-office services to help reduce your operational headaches.


Asset Dedication (AD) is pleased to provide to the members of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) the following services:

  • Advisors who do not have existing custodial relationships can utilize Asset Dedication’s Schwab or Fidelity institutional relationships with no AUM minimums, or can integrate with their existing custodial relationships at TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and Fidelity
  • White-labeled advisor and client portal via Tamarac
  • Daily reconciliation of accounts and quarterly report delivery
  • Fee calculation and processing (AUM, retainer, or fixed fee)
  • Portfolio management using ACP-compatible strategies
  • Tax managed individual stock portfolios
  • Pass though DFA approval
  • Tax loss harvesting throughout the year based on account settings
  • Model portfolio implementation and management for planners with proprietary models
  • Reporting on unmanaged/held away accounts via ByAllAccounts for a separate fee
  • Legacy securities held/managed/disposed of in tax efficient manor driven by planner
  • Integration of Cambridge Index into broader portfolio model


Discounted Investment Management Fee Schedule

Firm-level AUM Breakpoints

ACP Member Pricing

$0 to $20MM

27.5 basis points (.275%)

$20MM to $50MM

25 basis points (.25%)

$50MM to $100MM

22.5 basis points (.22.5%)

$100MM +

20 basis points (.20%)

If Asset Dedication is only providing an advisor with fixed income management, the fee schedule for each tier listed above will be increased by 5 basis points.


 Account Administration Fee Schedule

Accounts for which Asset Dedication provides account administration services (reconciliation, reporting, or fee calculations) but does not provide investment management services, will require a quarterly per account fee of $31.25. Asset Dedication does not provide account administration services unless an advisor has clients who use Asset Dedication investment management services.