Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Just as you have invested (and will continue to invest) time and energy into gaining the knowledge and developing the skills to be an effective financial advisor, you are going to need to invest time and energy into learning about marketing and building relationships. It’s a job that never ends. When you are opening your practice it takes 100% of your time. When your practice is self-generating, it will take approximately 15% of your time. ACP gives you several tools to market yourself and your business.

New Member Website Program
Twenty Over Ten helps you design and create your website to promote your unique value to potential and current clients. They will work with you to develop a site that communicates what makes your brand remarkable.

All websites are built on the easy-to-edit and search-engine-optimized Twenty Over Ten platform. All of their websites are fully mobile-responsive and give you access to archived website content each time you make a change so you are compliance friendly. 

Successful Marketing Manual
ACP provides you with our Successful Marketing Manual. The manual gives you step-by-step instructions for creating a marketing plan and explains how to use the tools in the ACP Marketing Toolkit, as well as the companion workbook, My Successful Marketing Workbook.

New Member Coaching Program
ACP offers a coaching program to assist new members in developing their business and marketing plans. The coaching typically begins after group instruction or when the new member is ready to begin his/her ACP practice but must begin within one year of completing group instruction. Two different coaches will be used: one coach for new members just starting their practice and a different coach for established practice members that are transitioning to the ACP methodology. The Member Concierge will connect the members with the appropriate coach.

Financial Focus
Financial Focus is a quarterly newsletter targeted to consumers (clients and prospective clients) with an “ACP twist.” The default version, containing the ACP logo and contact information, is available at no charge as both a high- and low-resolution PDF. You can email it to your contact list, post it to your website, have it printed and mail it out, or include it in your prospect package. If you prefer, you can have yours customized with your information for a small additional fee. The individual articles from each version are posted as Word documents so those who prepare their own newsletters can use Financial Focus content.