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Upcoming Webinars 

ACP Insights: Creating a Successful Virtual Advisor Firm: How to Stay Connected from Anywhere
Presented by: Ross Schmidt, Aspen Wealth Planners LLC
December 12, 2019 at 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

Past ACP Webinars - Public 

Fiduciary Fee-only Marketing in the Modern World
Presented by: Knut Rostad, Institute for the Fiducary Standard

ACP Insights: How to Build a Multi-Advisor Practice

Presented by: Penny Marchand, CFP®, EA, Cambridge Financial Group, LLC

ACP Insights: Successful Succession

Presented by: Irfan Bhabhrawala, CFP®, Arbor Financial

ACP Insights: Adding Financial Planning to Your Tax Practice and Making It Work
Presented by: Melvin Spain, CPA/PFS, Spain Wealth Management

ACP Insights: Leaving Commissions Behind—Transition to a Fee-only Practice & Increase Profitability

Presented by: Steve Swicegood, CFP®, Conscious Money Solutions

ACP Insights: From Paramedic Firefighter to Comprehensive Advisor—
A Career Changer’s Success Story
Presented by: William Cuthbertson, MBA, EA, CSPG, CFP®, Fiscalis Advisory, Inc.

Financial Advisors and the Critical Role They Will Play in Building a Golden Civilization
Presented by: Frankie Corrado, CFP®, Blue Blaze Financial Advisors and George Kinder, Kinder Institute of Life Planning

ACP Insights: Creating a Lifestyle Practice

Presented by: Troy Von Haefen, CFP®, Von Haefen Financial Management

Care.com Homepay Webinar: Self-Directed Care: What Financial Planners Need to Know

Presented by: Tom Breedlove, Sr. Director at Care.com Homepay, HomePay Provided by Breedlove

AICPA Podcast Featuring ACP: The 3 Rs of the Retainer Model

Featuring ACP members: Ed Fulbright, CPA/PFS, CPA; Chip Simon, CFP®; and Sheila Padden, CFP®, CPA/PFS, CPA

ACP Insights: What "Tax-Focused" Means to a Financial Planner

Presented by: Zach Tuetsch, Values Added Financial

ACP Insights: My Journey from Tax Preparer to Comprehensive Financial Advisor

Presented by: Bridget Sullivan Mermel, CFP®, CPA, MA, Sullivan Mermel

Secrets of the ACP: A Financial Advisor's Roadmap to Success & Profitability
Moderated by Marie Swift, Impact Communications
Featuring ACP members Jake Keubler, CFP
®, EA; Penny Marchand, CFP®, EA; Barry Swaim, CFP®; Troy Thompson, CFP®, JD; and Troy Von Haefen, CFP

A Conversation with George Kinder
Presented by: George Kinder and Frankie Corrado, CFP®

ACP Insights: Zero to Hero in 12 Months
Presented by: Steve Cruice, CFP®, CPA, Simply Steward, LLC

Get Out Of Your Own Way! Improving the Relationships in Your Life, but Especially the Ones You Get Paid For!
Presented by: Frankie Corrado, CFP®, Blue Blaze Financial Advisors

Practice versus Theory: Skills and Tips for New Financial Advisors not Taught in School
Presented by: David Klepeisz, Wealth Management Group

Social Security Planning
Presented by: Sharon Lacy, Natural Bridges Financial Advisors

Long-Term Care: Recent Regulatory Changes and the Impact on Your Clients
Presented by: Care.com HomePay provided by Breedlove

The New Case for Reverse Mortgages and Their Four Common Uses
Presented by: Reverse Mortgage Funding

The Holistic Financial Plan
Presented by: Kelly Adams, Harbor Light Planning and Ken Robinson, Practical Financial Planning

to Flower Analysis of Cultivating Perennial Ideal Clients, "From Prospect to Referring Client"
Presented by: Robert Walsh, Lighthouse Financial Advisors, Inc

A Comprehensive Client Meeting Process for Fee-Only Financial Advisors – The ACP Approach

Presented by: Ross Schmidt, Aspen Wealth Planners LLC

Tax-Focused Financial Planning

Presented by: Troy E. Thompson, Thompson Financial Services 

Tax Alpha Roundtable – How to Add Measurable Value with Tax-Focused Financial Planning

Presented by: Johnathan Heller, KEJ Financial Advisors, Robert Walsh, Lighthouse Financial Advisors, and Jake Kuebler, Bluestem Financial Advisors

My Path from a Large Brokerage House to Fee-Only Financial Planner

Presented by: John Konetzny, The Practical Planner, LLC

The Financial Planners' Retainer: A Compensation Model That Works

Presented by: Jake Kuebler, Bluestem Financial Advisors and Charles "Chip" Simon, Taconic Advisors

Past ACP Webinars - Members Only:

Helping Your Clients Navigate TIAA...
Presented by: 
Meredith Briggs, Taconic Advisors
1 NAPFA CE - Retirement Planning | 1 CFP CE - Retirement Savings and Income Planning |1 NASBA CPE - Specialized Knowledge

The ADV: The Why, What, When and How of the ADV
Presented by: Lori Neidel, Neidel Law
1 CFP CE - Professional Conduct & Fiduciary Responsibility | 1 NAPFA CE - Marketing and Practice Management | 1 NASBA CPE - Administrative Practice

What Can Trusts Do for Your Client? A Life of a Trust from Its Creation to Its Termination
Presented by: Adam Grais, Julie Pleshivoy, Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer LLP
1 CFP CE - Estate Planing | 1 NAPFA CE - Estate Planning | 1 NASBA CPE - Administrative Practice

RightCapital Introduction and Demo
Presented by: Dain Runestad, RightCapital 

ACP/NerdWallet Partnership: Learning to Leverage NerdWallet's Ask an Advisor Platform
Presented by: Cliff Goldstein, NerdWallet

Mastering the Art of Client Acquisition and Business Development
Presented by: Bill Bachrach, MoneyGuidePro

The Latest Cutting Edge LTC Planning Solutions
Presented by: Brian Gordon, MAGA Long Term Care Planning
1 CFP CE - Insurance Planning | 1 NAPFA CE - Insurance | 1 NASBA CPE - Administrative Practice 

Identifying Revenue Opportunities through MoneyGuidePro 
Presented by: Kevin Knull, MoneyGuidePro

Braintrust Seminar: Financial Planning Software and your ACP Practice 
Presented by: John Einberger, Judy McNary, and Steve Swicegood

ACP Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Presented by: Fran Goldman and John Einberger
1 CFP CE – Investment Planning | 1 NAPFA CE – Investments | 1 NASBA CPE – Specialized Knowledge

Advisors Finding Happiness for their Clients
Presented by: Michael Lynch
1 NAPFA CE – Marketing and Practice Management | 1 NASBA CPE – Administrative Practice

Getting the Most Out of Permanent Life Insurance for Your Clients
Presented by: Scott Witt
1 CFP CE – Insurance Planning | 1 NAPFA CE – Investments | 1 NASBA CPE - Administrative Practice

Five Questions About Investing
Presented by: Richard (Rick) Ferri
1 CFP CE – Investment Planning | 1 NAPFA CE – Investments | 1 NASBA CPE – Administrative Practice

Effective Tax Planning with Non‐Qualified Annuities
Presented by: Steve Crawford
1 CFP CE – Insurance | 1 NAPFA CE – Insurance | 1 NASBA CPE – Administrative Practice

ACP Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
Presented by: Fran Goldman and John Einberger
1 CFP CE – Investment Planning | 1 NAPFA CE – Investments | 1 NASBA CPE – Specialized Knowledge

Investing in Real Estate and Other Alternative Assets through IRA/401(k)
Presented by: Patrick Hagen
1 CFP CE – Retirement Planning | 1 NAPFA CE – Retirement Planning | 1 NASBA CPE – Management Advisory Services