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  • We recently saw a social media post warning people not to look at their 401(k) accounts as we are in the midst of a global pandemic related to the spread of COVID-19. And as many have noted, it is possible that if the illness itself doesn’t get you, then anxiety and worry could wear you [] ©Bring Clarity to Your Finances™. Financial Planning in Times of Crisis is a post from Bring Clarity to Your Finances™
  • 5 Ways to Make Social Distancing More Social
  • Genevia Gee Fulbright discuss Late Tax Filing Strategies on NPR "Your Money" Segment.
  • Practicing gratitude also gives you more resilience when things go wrong. When you feel grateful it’s easier to keep things in perspective, so problems don’t seem so overwhelming.
  • At the time of this writing, we’re talking about the stock market decline due to the coronavirus pandemic. But truthfully, this approach worked for many portfolios during the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the ‘lost decade’ of the early 2000s, and countless other periods when stocks didn’t perform as well as investors would have liked. (Feed generated with FetchRSS )