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Practical Wisdom from ACP Financial Advisors, host Ken Robinson, CFP®, talks with Certified ACP advisors as they share their stories of how they became successful, fee-only, comprehensive financial advisors. Through these conversations, Practical Wisdom reveals the strategies, tips, and tools these advisors employed to get where they are today. Practical Wisdom also explores the common denominator among all of these advisors—the ACP methodology.

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Practical Financial Planning

Practical Wisdom from ACP Financial Advisors
Episode 01 - From Tax Practice to Financial Planning
Episode 02 - Holistic Financial Planning
Episode 03 - Seven Core Concepts for Holistic Financial Planning
Episode 04 - Leaving the World of Commissions


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Practical Wisdom from ACP Financial Advisors
Episode 04
Leaving the World of Commissions
With Meredith Briggs

Meredith Briggs, CFP®
Co-Owner and Senior Advisor

Taconic Advisors
Saugerties, NY

For decades, financial advisors have heard that the future of the profession is in fee compensation. But the transition from commissions to fees is still a daunting challenge for many. Our guest, Meredith Briggs, CFP®, shares her journey: from selling products in the name of financial advice, to her ideal quality of life as a partner in a fiduciary, fee-only practice that’s dedicated to helping clients to really plan—and achieve—financial and life goals.

Practical Wisdom from ACP Financial Advisors
Episode 03 
Seven Core Concepts for Holistic Financial Planning
With Bert Whitehead

Bert Whitehead, JD, MBA
ACP Founder

Birmingham, MI

Sometimes it seems financial plans are focused more on products or investment theory instead of how clients live their real lives. Adding more value for the client, by using a process that focuses on what makes a real difference to them, starts with looking at how they actually experience their money day by day. And this point of view compels us to challenge some widely held assumptions about how to deliver financial planning. Our guest, financial planning pioneer and ACP founder Bert Whitehead, JD, MBA, discusses seven core concepts holistic financial planners can apply to acknowledge the reality of what it’s like to create a plan for a real, living person, instead of a financial institution.

Practical Wisdom from ACP Financial Advisors
Episode 02 
Holistic Financial Planning 
With Kelly Adams

Kelly Adams, CFP®, EA
Harbor Light Planning

Novi, MI

Financial Planning is about more than investments. Other subjects like taxes, insurance, and estate planning are also crucial to a household's financial future. But with guidance on each of these subjects coming from different professionals, each with their own agenda, how can a consumer follow a consistent, coordinated plan? Our guest, Kelly Adams, CFP®, EA of Harbor Light Planning, discusses what it means to be a holistic financial planner.

Practical Wisdom from ACP Financial Advisors
Episode 01 
From Tax Practice to Financial Planning
With Bridget Sullivan Mermel
Bridget Sullivan Mermel, CFP®, CPA
Owner and Founder
Sullivan Mermel Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Chicago, IL

If you're a tax practitioner, you've probably thought about expanding your business to include financial planning. But how do you actually do that, and what should you expect the process to be like? Our guest, Bridget Sullivan Mermel, CFP®, CPA of Sullivan Mermel, Inc., shares her experiences making just this transition: from tax practitioner to fiduciary, fee-only financial planner.