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  • Society has done a huge disservice to young people by relying on outdated educational and workforce training models developed 50 years ago. Our one-size-fits-all approach that promotes college as the single path to a profitable, high-skilled profession is putting both the economy and an entire generation at risk. We face a national crisis of rising college costs, decreasing degree-requiring jobs and employer frustration with the younger generations in the workplace. Meanwhile, we’re pushing young people to obtain college degrees while simultaneously ignoring the importance of also acquiring valuable work skills. As a result, only 1 in 5 students feel prepared for today’s job market. We’re saddling them with enormous college debt for degrees that may not pay off.
  • From the Wall Street Journal August 30th, 2019: Gas prices this past Labor Day were the lowest on the holiday in 3 years averaging $2.55/gallon nationally. According to AAA gas prices have remained steady. As of September 16th, 2019 the National average price is $2.56. State by state prices vary depending on taxes. Mississippi has []
  • College costs are rising fast. One way you can save for college expenses is through a 529 plan. Did you know that you can start saving in a 529 before your child is even born? (Feed generated with FetchRSS )
  • As you move through different stages of life, you will face new and unique financial situations. Did you just get engaged? Perhaps you are wondering how you and your partner are going to manage your money together. Do you have children? Maybe you are looking for ways to pay for their college education. When you navigate through these various life events, you might seek professional guidance to help you make sound financial choices.