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  • The summation of a Bloomberg article that states that many Americans opt to receive Social Security benefits at the wrong time may be confusing: “Most retirees should wait longer to access their benefits, researchers find. Some should claim them sooner.” Why does this advice seem to be contradictory? Because there is no one rule for claiming [] ©Bring Clarity to Your Finances™. Deciding When to Claim Social Security Isnt a Guessing Game is a post from Bring Clarity to Your Finances™
  • Receiving or accumulating a lump sum of cash can result in a major investment quandary - "Do I investment this all at once, or invest it over time?"
  • In the world of financial advice, there seems to be a horrendous rift between ‘investment advice’ and ‘tax advice.’ In most situations, sound investment advice should incorporate some semblance of tax planning, or at least a rough calculation of the tax impact of a given transaction. What’s more likely, though, is that when you ask your ‘financial advisor’ about what your tax liability will be, you’ll hear, “I can’t give you advice on that. You’ll have to talk to your tax expert.” (Feed generated with FetchRSS )
  • When it comes to the retiree health care costs, there are two distinct stages that result in very different considerations, decisions, and costs. The first is the retiree who has yet to reach age 65 (Medicare age). The second is the retiree who is 65 years old or older.
  • The concept of making more money than you spend is not revolutionary, complex, or new; yet many Americans struggle to save for retirement because they overspend. More often than not, it’s the carefree daily or weekly spending habits that lead to excess consumption which ultimately results in a reduced savings rate.