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  • The IRS will notify you of an audit through the mail, the agency will not initiate an audit over the telephone. Most audits are handled through the mail without the need to meet with an IRS agent.
  • Baseball and Taxes

    I love baseball. It’s the best. With baseball season starting and tax returns due soon, let’s take a look at an interesting intersection between the worlds of baseball and taxes: Shohei Ohtani’s contract.
  • One significant difference between ETFs and mutual funds is how they are traded. ETFs trade like stocks, the market price of the ETF changes throughout the day and the price depends on when you buy or sell shares.
  • In todays unpredictable world, having a financial safety net is crucial for weathering unexpected storms. One of the most fundamental components of a solid financial plan is an emergency fund. Let’s delve into what an emergency fund is, why its essential, and how a financial advisor can be invaluable in helping you build and manage [] The post The Importance of an Emergency Fund and the Value of a Trusted Financial Advisor appeared first on Favored FP .
  • Today I got asked, by a couple that has very good financial hygiene, whether it’s okay for them to forego saving over the next three years. Between their kids’ education, a career change, and some wanted home renovation projects, there just isn’t enough money to save on top of it all. Is this an okay [] The post What Most People Don’t Understand About Saving appeared first on ProsperiTea Planning - Greenfield, MA .