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  • Beware making financial decisions during emotional times
  • In “The mistake I made while paying off $15,000 in credit card debt — and how to avoid it,” one consumer outlines how what he thought would be a triumphant moment, turned out to be less so because of what he didnt know about the was credit works. The writer explains that in 2021, he [] ©Bring Clarity to Your Finances™. Paying Off Credit Card Debt is GreatUntil it Isnt is a post from Bring Clarity to Your Finances™
  • I’m talking to a lot of clients this month about charitable giving and how to give in the most tax-efficient way possible. Since Tax Reform took effect in 2018 fewer taxpayers are getting a deduction for their charitable contributions. Donations to charity are deducted when a taxpayer itemizes deductions. After Tax Reform far fewer people itemize. Only about 10% []
  • We have always had the ability to ‘shop ‘til we drop’ and that is especially true during the holiday season. As the years have gone by the winter holiday season crept into the fall and now people start shopping much earlier. This is not referring to people who purposefully buy gifts all year long with [] ©Bring Clarity to Your Finances™. Dont Go in the Red on Black Friday is a post from Bring Clarity to Your Finances™
  • If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have seen the reports about how Thanksgiving celebrations this year will suffer because of scarcity and higher prices. At the beginning of November there were news stories about how shoppers probably wouldnt be able to find the products they want for their holiday dinner. [] ©Bring Clarity to Your Finances™. A Scarcity Mindset Could Ruin Thanksgiving is a post from Bring Clarity to Your Finances™