Greg Pierce

Greg Pierce, CFP®, MBA, EA

 Met with a new client yesterday for a Financial Review.  She had been working with an "advisor" from Ameriprise who helped her invest her IRA money in a variable annuity (wow!) and, more recently, recommended that she sell her international stock mutual funds so that she could invest in oil stocks, all of which made her start wondering if she was with the right advisor (smart lady).  

In the middle of our 2 1/2 hour Financial Review appointment, she stopped me and said that she had never experienced anything like what she was seeing & hearing in our meeting.  She really liked the Pyramid concept; she had never seen her assets organized in such a clear manner before.  And she really appreciated my educational approach.  

At the end of our appointment, she signed up for a full open retainer and became very emotional.  As a single, divorced woman in her mid-60's, she said that she was so thankful to have found someone she could trust to help guide her in the future.  She had been living in a state of fear and feels so much better knowing that she has someone to talk to going forward.  

Not only did ACP provide all of the tools and training that I needed to deliver a great planning experience to this new client, but our organization also set me up with the contacts that I needed to help provide solid advice (thanks Jerry Skapyak at LLIS for helping me analyzer her VA even while you were at the NAPFA conference and thanks to Joe Alfonso for verifying that I was taking the right approach in mapping out her Social Security strategy).  

I can't say enough how rewarding it is to work with someone like my new client and how grateful I am for all at ACP who have shared their knowledge and continue to help me grow as a planner.  Thanks ACP!