Live Group Instruction

The Live Group Instruction component of the ACP Success Program helps you become a more successful financial planner by reinforcing the skills needed to communicate the value you provide and by building your confidence through the application of the ACP System™ in a variety of client scenarios. It includes seven modules; each one gives you hands-on practice with the strategies and tools presented in the Self-Study program.

Tax Return Quick Scan
Reviewing prospective clients' prior years' tax returns can uncover financial planning concerns they didn't know to ask you about and hard-dollar savings that can be realized by amending those returns, helping you to justify your fee.

Preliminary Appointment
Practice the listening skills you need to determine if a prospective client is a good fit for your services and to motivate them to return for your presentation.

Presentation Appointment
Role play your offer of services using ACP's compelling retainer approach and tools like the fee calculator and cost benefit analysis.

Portfolio Analysis
Practice communicating key financial concepts with easy-to-understand language and graphics while building an inventory of your client's net worth.

Goals Visualization
Role play is a powerful exercise which helps clients uncover what they most value in their lives so their financial plan is appropriately focused.

Investment Strategy
Based on case studies you will determine the client’s appropriate risk exposure, devise an investment strategy to achieve client goals, and plan the implementation, taking into consideration tax consequences.

Your Live Group Instruction experience ends with a half day town hall style meeting with ACP advisors from the area sharing their experiences and answering your questions.