ACP’s award-winning online community, ACPConnect, puts you in direct contact with your colleagues in the fee-only financial community. Here you can find mentors and experts, and create the relationships in your industry that will help you succeed. ACPConnect is your entry to our study group on steroids. With ACPConnect, more than 150 professionals are always just a click away.

ACP members actively use our discussion forums to ask questions, share knowledge, and celebrate with one another. Our libraries are filled with a variety of tools and templates that members share with each other. One thing you can’t find on ACPConnect is competition. ACP thrives on the philosophy that there is plenty of sand in our fee-only sandbox, and sharing just makes a better sandcastle for everyone.

ACPConnect Features

Discussion Boards
ACP has truly award-winning engagement on our discussion forums. We average over 300 messages per month posted by over 50% of our members. That is more than 100 new discussions each month with over 200 replies from your colleagues.

User & Study Groups
You can use our study groups to create an accountability group to help you move forward in your practice. User groups support fellow vendor or software users and have even worked with vendors to create special ACP-specific enhancements. There are several geographic study groups taking the online community into the real world with in-person get-togethers and state- or region-specific discussions online. We’ll help you start a small group when you first begin by connecting you with your fellow Success Program participants. Here you can share information and talk privately about the challenges and successes that come with starting a practice.

Our libraries are a treasure trove of templates, tools, webinars, articles, client handouts, letters, seminars, and more. Whatever topic you are researching, there’s a good chance you’ll find help here. 

Vendor Directory
Our members share the vendors they work with from E & O insurance and estate planning attorneys to custodians or virtual assistants. Some of our vendors supply discounts to ACP members.

ACP Member Directory
Find fellow ACP members in your area, or search for specialists who love to share their knowledge through our colleague directory. Using our advanced search options, you can search based on specialty, software used, size of practice, and a host of other fields. 

Along with all of these, you will find announcements, a calendar of events, member blogs, and more.