ACP System

The ACP System™ is a proven business model for growing a profitable fee-only financial planning practice. It consists of two components, the ACP Success Program and the ACP Core Tools. This system:

  • Saves you the time and money normally associated with a start-up business
  • Provides focus and direction to reach sustainability
  • Adds predictable recurring revenue to an established practice

The ACP Success Program

The ACP Success Program pulls together the philosophy, strategies, and tools of the ACP System into a step-by-step learning experience focused on practical application.  

The self-study training modules will cover administrative issues, successful marketing, the preliminary appointment, the presentation appointment, integrating taxes, the portfolio analysis appointment, investments, the insurance review appointment, the estate planning appointment, record keeping and cash flow, goals visualization, the paid first appointment, and the renewal years. Learn more.

Virtual Classroom
ACP’s expert financial planners enhance your training with live webinars that reinforce what you are reading in the self-study manual.

Live Group Instruction
Get hands-on practice with the tools and strategies presented in the self-study program. Practical application and experience are the focus of group instruction. Working through client scenarios helps build your confidence and your ability to communicate the value of your financial planning services to prospective clients, as well as preparing you to provide your current clients with superior service. Learn more.

New Member Concierge Service
ACP’s staff and your fellow members will help you transition to fee-only financial planning. Your personalized support plan will be tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide a variety of services that cater to everything from your first client meeting to succession planning. We will help you identify your goals and the best way to reach them.

ACP Member Mentor
New members will be matched with seasoned ACP members who have similar backgrounds, areas of interest, and who have experienced similar pain points. This relationship is a cornerstone of ACP's philosophy and a unique component of our membership.

Visiting Advisor Program
The visiting advisor program provides you the opportunity to observe an experienced ACP member in action. Our members tell us this experience was the highlight of their training, allowing them to see the systems in practice and identify shortcuts to building their ideal financial planning firm.

Core Tools

These spreadsheets, templates, and documents support each appointment in the ACP System™ and are designed to be used right in front of your clients—and your clients will actually understand how they work!

  • Appointment Checklist and templates
  • Fee Calculator
  • ACP Pyramid—The Pyramid portrays your client’s entire investment picture at a glance, and your clients will enjoy seeing their net worth.
  • Goals & Values Exercise